Welcome to Windows of Wellness

Where Wholistic Healing Begins

Welcome to Windows of Wellness

Where Wholistic Healing Begins




We are in the middle of germ-warfare, where a virus known as COVID-19 is making many people are under attack ill or dying all across the world. Many of us in the healthcare field are at the front line of defense doing the best we can to assist.

Windows of Wellness is doing all we can to assist people in boosting their immune systems with knowledge, helpful tips and holistic healing remedies and therapies.


The Raindrop Technique, which is registered by Young Living Essential Oils,  is a non-invasive therapy using a sequence of therapeutic essential oils to support immunity, remove toxins and boost vitality. A perfect remedy/therapy for fighting viruses like COVID-19.  

Having a MerSage session is essential for those looking to beat this crisis. So if you are looking for a way to boost immune and lymphatic function the raindrop therapy is perfect.


Essence of Life wellness products are wholistic healing tools that you can use at home to boost immunity and fight virus. The immunity blend, The Respiratory Blend and The Mood Lifting Blend all are beneficial tools to get you through this crisis.

Healing For The Spirit - Mind - Body


Somatic Services

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Energy healing encourages relaxation and stress reduction in a persons mind, body and spirit. Reiki therapy is a natural and safe method for self-healing. Semi-precious crystal stones, therapeutic essential oils, affirmations and meditation all can be incorporated in during an energy healing session to aid in calming, balancing or enhancing the energies around & within you to promote healing for your mind, body and spirit.


Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Bodywork MerSage

Remove the stress and tension out of the nooks and crannies of your entire body.  Research supports the health benefits of massage therapy for conditions such as mental & physical stress, depression, cancers, pregnancy, mobility pain, range of motion, healing after surgery and much more. It is gaining recognition and is offered along with various medical therapies & treatment for a wide range of conditions and situations.  


Wholistic Services

Therapeutic Services

Wholistic Services

Wholistic Healing

Are you looking into ways of alleviating or liberating yourself from feeling Un-Well? Then a Wholistic natural route may be just what you need. Wholistic Health is a means of taking care of yourself so that harmony and balance within all aspects of oneself (mind, body, spirit and emotions) can be established for your personal life, family relationships, community activities and work environment. 

Windows of Wellness Mission


My Mission

Creating healthier families through education & practice, by providing a curriculum that gives people a healthier way of living using techniques provided by our ancestors, elders, educators and practitioners.
Regardless of race, religion, background or sex our families are living in Dis-Ease and my plan is to be one of the many people helping to change this.

This is not only my passion it is my purpose in life.


My Approach

Practicing wholistic living brings balance and harmony to your health, personal life, family relationships, community activities, spiritual practice and work environment. 

Windows of Wellness in Virginia Beach, offers various resources from therapeutic massage to nutritional consulting, to help you become assertive with your health decisions. My services are recognized techniques that provide you with the highest standard of education and therapy to aid you on your healing journey.


My Promise

As an advocate for living naturally in wellness, I will work with you to find the best way to simplify your life, so you can start living the life you naturally deserve. 

Your generous donation, support and contributions will enable "Windows of Wellness" to meet goals and improve "The Wellness Mission" healing work that is done in the community. 

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Whether you need more information about the services I provide, want "The Wellness Mission" to come to your community, or just have an amazing holistic story to share, this is the place to let your voice be heard. 

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