MerySerket Anitefnut



> Certified Wholistic Consultant
> Certified Reiki / Energy Healer
> Licensed Massage Therapist

> Certified Aromatherapist

​> 100% Pure Essential Oil Distributor
> Prenatal Birth Worker Aromatherapist

​> Alkaline Water Supplier
> Certified Medical Billing Specialist



MerySerket has been in the medical and dental fields for many years. Her career started as an assistant in a occupational nursing facility; to becoming a home health aid, shortly after that she entered the field of dentistry. During those years her personal interest in wholistic health and wellness grew as she noticed the diminishing state of health within herself, her family and her community. Upon taking control of her own health by making simple changes in diet and lifestyle, the interest in natural healing progressed. She then decided to further her education in the wholistic field, learning about Reiki, Massage, essential oils and more, which sparked her passion to help others.  After the illnesses and deaths of people close to her; did the passion turn into her life mission.



You'll find MerySerket working as a Wholistic Health & Wellness Consultant, trained in matters of the Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing, Nutrition, Herbal therapies and well versed in modalities like Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and Intuitive Energy Healing.

MerySerket supplies alkaline water to those looking for quality drinking water; she is also a distributor of "Young Living" Essential Oils, and has her very own "Essence of Life" product line using 100% pure & natural ingredients.

Wellness Mission Events


Classes are designed to provide you with techniques to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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In the community I provide healing to those looking for new, effective & most importantly natural ways to restore their health.

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Empower you with the tools of nourishment so you can restore your health and the health of your loved ones. 

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